How to Use this web site

phone a locum On the Locum GP page you will find a list of locums. This list is searchable. The first thing to do is eliminate all the locums who do not wish to cover your area. Click in the "filter" and click on your postcode. The list will now contains those who cover your area, and other details. Also how to contact them. Some locums have websites as well. Where there are websites or email addresses I have made it possible to directly click on them. You will find that everything like that opens in a separate window, so you will not loose this website until you want to.

You can also search any field (eg surname) if you want to.

I am not an agency, I just collect names and it is up to you to make the arrangements with your locum of choice.

If you are unable to obtain a locum, I have also provided a list of nearly 40 locum agencies on the locum agencies page. Remember, you will usually be better trying the local locums first since they are better value, but if you have to, the agencies are fine. Obviously I do not make recommendations.