Important Announcement dated 5th April 2019

I am thinking of closing this site down by 15th July 2019

You could stop this by telling me that it still fulfils a purpose and that both Locum GPs and Practices still find it useful.

Please send me an email ASAP here and inform me that you do not wish this site to close.

Why am I doing this

  • I started the site in the old days of the internet. It was useful then but web technology has developed faster than I am prepared to keep up with and much better sites have superseded me.
  • It costs me about £300 per year to run especially the data base.
  • Locum GPs joining is now about 2 a year. It used to be 15 or more, so I no longer think this web site is preferred.
  • In keeping the GP locum's details available, agencies have exploited the list illegally at considerable inconvenience to locums. I cannot think of a way that could make the list available to NHS practices but not anyone else. Practices would have to register and that it too much of a step up for me to administer.